On Thursday, while at the mooring in the Vero Municipal Marina, we took the tender over to the Riverside Café. Lively place with good food and wine! While on our mooring, we met Dan from the vessel Dragonfly whose is heading back to Canada after wintering in Florida all winter in Boca Raton. He and his wife Beth have made this trip many, many times. They were traveling with another vessel, Good Life, a couple from England. Decided to join them in the morning and head to Titusville where we took a mooring and they took slips. It was windy and bumpy but slept well in spite of the rocking all night. The weather forecast for the next 2 days was calling for high winds and all day rain so we all left early and headed to Daytona. Very scenic along the way passing dolphins, manatees, and New Smyrna Beach. The Halifax Harbor Marina is large and very nice. Took a slip for 2 nights. Checked out the Irish bar then hooked up with Dan and Beth to head over to the Ocean Deck restaurant. Karaoke night is a blast and Beth popped up there and sang “Sweet Caroline” with everyone in the place singing along.  Restaurant sits right on Daytona Beach and the waves were pounding. Glad we are tucked into a marina. Some photos from the last few days.