Wednesday, May 2nd – Caught an Uber ride up to Bed, Bath & Beyond & Home Depot then on way back got dropped off in town which is a short walk back to the marina. Stopped in at Tipsy’s for a couple of drinks but decided to walk across street and dine at Basil Thai & Sushi. Both places charming and good.

Friday, May 4th – We bid farewell to Brunswick Landing Marina Friday morning after one week there and off we went with our newly installed electronics. Destination unknown but happy to be on our way again.

The Georgia ICW is a large expanse of marsh with a bazillion creeks and twists and turns. One must pay attention at all times otherwise you’ll miss your intended route. Also, of great importance, is the tidal swings in Georgia which average 8 – 10 feet. In Fort Lauderdale, we average 2 – 2.5 feet. There are three known trouble spots where the advice from experienced Loopers is to transit these areas on a rising tide and not at dead low tide. Thankfully we heeded the advice and made it through the Little Mud River and Hell Gate on this travel day without incident.

Along the way, we happened to fall in behind the trawler “Blue Haven” and after hailing them on the VHF radio found out that they were on their second Loop and were planning on anchoring out about 15 miles up the ICW in Duplin Creek. We decided to tag along as we were looking for an anchorage for the night. Once anchored, Lila & Allen from “Blue Haven” dinghied over to meet and chat.

Dolphins entertained us the entire day and evening! Along the way, one jumped out of the water right in front of the boat and two of them ran alongside of us which Bob videoed. At the anchorage, they were playing all around us all afternoon and evening. So awesome as we don’t get to see that many in South Florida. Trying to figure out how to post Bob’s video.

Saturday, May 5th – Departed the anchorage early thinking we would have a half day cruise up to Savannah. Well 40 miles as the crow flies is about 80 miles on the winding ICW and it took us all day to arrive at Morning Star Bahia Bleu Marina just outside of Savannah. Tired from the travel we walked over to Tubby’s Tank House just in time to see the running of the Kentucky Derby. Had some dinner and called in a night. Loopers often say that Looper midnight is 9pm. Have to agree.

Sunday, May 6th – Headed to historical downtown Savannah where we hopped on the Old Town Trolley tour which is 90 minutes. The city is rich with Civil War history and boasts that General Oglethorpe, who planned, laid out and ran it for many years, was against the ownership of slaves and for many years did not allow for it. After he retired or died, the plantation owners argued that slaves were needed and the city changed the laws to allow it. The First African Baptist Church still stands and was one of the stops along the underground railroad. There are holes in the floor that were put there to allow the hiding slaves to breathe. There are 22 beautiful Squares (parks) within the 2.5 mile district with magnificent live oak trees, magnolia trees and statutes. Gorgeous.

Hopped off at River Street and ate lunch at the Savannah River House. Walked along the shops and river front and were amazed at the large cargo ships passing within a stone’s throw. Apparently now that the bridge was rebuilt to a height of 185′ and the river dredged to 48′, 100% of the largest container ships can offload in the Port. The historical district was very busy with tourists from all over the world. We spoke to people from Wyoming, New York & Iceland. Now back relaxing on Island Time.