Monday, May 7th – Departed Savannah, GA. Made way up ICW and crossed the Savannah River. Having seen the huge cargo ships that traverse the Savannah River, we were lucky and crossed without one bearing down on us. As soon as we crossed the river, we were in South Carolina. The terrain changes quite a bit in SC and hence the nickname “the low country”. The South Carolina ICW is, for the most part, very broad and not as marshy as in GA. In this section, we had good deep water most of the time. We did have to pass a dredging operation and a southbound barge in tight quarters and it was a good reminder of the terminology used when passing. The captains radioed us to let us know how to pass. On the “one whistle” means port to port (left side to left side); “two whistles” means starboard to starboard (right side to right side). We anchored out in Cowen Creek for the night which was close to Parris Island, SC. Home to the Marine’s training camp and where son Ryan attended boot camp. Quiet spot with more dolphins.
Tuesday, May 8th – Beaufort, SC. Leisurely run up to Beaufort and docked at the Downtown Marina. Beaufort is a quaint little town with lots of history and where Bob’s father and mother were stationed prior to having their 4 kids. Unfortunately, we both started feeling bad (chest cold) and as such didn’t do a lot of exploring but dined at Panini’s.

Thursday, May 10th – Charleston, SC. Having anchored in Church Creek for the night (5/9), we left early and arrived Charleston City Marina at about 11:30am. Lots of large expanses and some fairly desolate places and spots of “no cell service”. But overall very pretty along the way. The tides on the Ashley River can be pretty strong so we timed our arrival to Charleston City Marina to arrive near slack tide. The city marina has expanded and added a Mega Dock. Our boat was definitely one of the smallest. Still feeling bad we hung close to boat and walked over for dinner at the Marina Variety Store which is actually a restaurant.

Friday – Saturday, May 11/ 12 – Charleston. Still in recovery mode, off we went to downtown Charleston. Lunch at Pearlz Oyster House with a dozen raw oysters and crab cakes. Then walk down to waterfront to see harbor, cruise ships and tall ships. We were on our way to dinner this evening to Hank’s but while on the courtesy shuttle heard about Coast so decided to try. Sat at the bar and dined on fresh ceviche and crab soup. Bartender told us about his Bloody Mary Mix made with yellow tomatoes and not loaded with salt. Tasted it and really good. Brand is called Natural Blonde so look for it in Publix.
Sunday, May 13th – Departed Charleston in the morning and prior to our leaving, the 223′ yacht “Aviva” pulled in. We are use to seeing these big guys in Fort Lauderdale but here it made quite the spectacle. “Aviva” is owned by a Joe Lewis, a Bahamas based British citizen who is worth a mere $5.6 billion. Made me feel really poor in our 38′ boat. Passed through some areas of really skinny water along the way. Anchored out in Awedaw Creek with no one else around. Breezy, plenty of dolphins and a beautiful sunset to enjoy.
All along the way through Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, we have seen quite a bit of hurricane damage. Lots of docks damaged, sunken boats and boats awash on shore. The photo with the bridge in background is taken in Charleston and that is a sunken sailboat. We have seen quite a few. So far, each state has been very scenic but in different ways. Certainly the water in GA & SC is not as clear and green as in FL. The “no seeums” in GA & SC are dreadful. I have crossed these two states off my list as “could I live here?”.