Monday, May 14 – Georgetown, SC. Left the anchorage at 8:30am to cruise through the next 5 miles during high tide. As we do our route planning before each day’s cruise, we read the comments posted in Active Captain and learned that from mile marker 49 to mm 32 was an area not to transit at low tide. Hence, we anchored in afternoon in a creek just south of the problem area. Neither of us had ever heard of Georgetown, SC but heard it was a quaint town to visit and thus headed here. Along the way, we were attacked by savage yellow horse flies but did see our first alligator swimming in the middle of the ICW, along with the dolphins of course. I think we have only gone one day in the last month without seeing a dolphin.

Speaking of which, today marked one month on the boat and Bob and I are getting into the groove. At first, you feel like you are on another vacation and will have to return home shortly. But I think our mindset has shifted now and we are truly slowing down.

Tues / Wedn, May 15 – Georgetown, SC. Opted to stay here 2 nights to enjoy the town, get our dinghy motor fixed (replaced bad injector) and tackle a number of chores. Enjoyed our second cup of coffee with a dinghy cruise around the area to ensure all was working fine. Walked along the waterfront and enjoyed lunch at Buzz’s Roost on the waterfront. After lunch walked 6 blocks to the liquor store to replenish some supplies and was offered a ride back to our boat by store. They are really friendly and accommodating in these small towns. The walk to the store was through a beautiful neighborhood with historic southern homes circa early 1800’s.

Thurs / Fri, May 16 & 17 – Before departing Georgetown, Bob walked over to the seafood market and bought some fresh grouper filets which we grilled on our way to Myrtle Beach. Leaving Georgetown you enter a fresh water river and travel many miles through a vast cypress swamp / forest which is really beautiful. Travelled pretty much all day and landed at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club. Clark’s Seafood is next door and they have a wicked happy hour (packed) with great bar food and inexpensive drinks. Also on property is The Officer’s Club which is private but marina guests are given access. Another great spot with very good food and inexpensive drinks. Earlier in the day, we took an Uber to lunch at Hickory Tavern (very good) and Publix. The weather has been threatening for days so we opted to stay a second night at the marina. Nice relaxing second day.

Fri / Sat, May 18 & 19 – Departed in the rain and just under 5 miles north, we crossed into North Carolina our 4th state on this trip. Weather cleared and we enjoyed the cruise to Southport, NC at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. We opted to use the dock at the Provision Company Restaurant which as long as you dine with them, the use of the dock is free. Earlier Bob had spoken with the owner of the restaurant and found out she use to live the Virgin Islands and hence made a mean Pusser’s Rum Pain Killer. We toasted our VI gang Ryan, Kristen, Colleen, Mark, Alex, Camille & Mark. You would all love this place. The line was out the door most of the time. Just place your order at the counter, grab a beer out of the fridge (honor system so just tell them how many you had) and they bring you fresh and tasty seafood and land based items. We dined on steamed clams, crab cakes & peel & eat shrimp. Since the weather is definitely bad today (Sat) we are staying put and will dine again here for the free dock. Our travelling buddy, Dan from Dragonfly, caught up with us yesterday and we are both waiting out the weather before heading to our next stop. We saw quite a few sunken shrimp boats along the way.