Sun/ Mon, June 11/12 – Solomon’s Island, MD. Started the day with a power walk along the boardwalk which was scenic and gave me a chance to check out the restaurants, shops, and art galleries. The morning was chilly and there was a man that was swimming off the beach in the Patuxent River at the start of the boardwalk. By the time I returned to this spot he was in the middle of the river which is 1 mile across. Crazy because had a boat come flying by they would not have seen him. Ended the day with dinner at Kingfisher’s via our dinghy.

Tues/ Thurs, June 12/14 – Annapolis, MD. Took a mooring ball for 2 nights and thoroughly enjoyed Annapolis. One of the highlights of our trip thus far. The tour of the U.S. Naval Academy was impressive. The grounds, the history and the information about the screening / application process was all very interesting. Only those candidates who excel in academics, physical fitness and leadership are accepted to the academy which is about 1,200 per year out of about 17,000 applications. We also toured the Maritime Museum and learned about oystering then and now.

Pusser’s Landing was our favorite happy hour stop (twice) for the 1/2 price oysters, appetizers, and drinks. Good wine and pain killers. The highlight of the stop in Annapolis was the Wednesday night sailboat races. The sailboats come racing into the harbor, through the mooring field and sometimes are just a couple of feet away. These sailors are really skilled. Bob and I just sat there mesmerized. Priceless. Would highly recommend Annapolis if you haven’t been. Beautiful harbor, great restaurants and pubs, water taxi’s, harbor sailing cruises, the yacht with the helicopter taking off and landing, etc.

Thurs/ Fri, June 14/15 – Baltimore, MD. Took a slip at the City’s Inner Harbour Marina. We had hoped to walk to the stadium and watch the Orioles play the Marlins but it was to be the following night and we weren’t staying. While the Inner Harbor is pretty, we decided to tour the area via our dinghy instead of walking downtown. Lots of chain restaurants and stores with a big city feel. Sirens wailing at all hours. There was a nice restaurant on property, Rusty Scupper, and we enjoyed the happy hour specials and drinks. More oysters and a couple of salads and good wine. We did have a local guy wash and wax our boat which really needed it. So again we contributed to the local economy.

Fri/ Sat, June 15/16- Cape May, NJ. We departed Baltimore early and intended to go to either Chesapeake City, MD or Delaware City, DE depending on the weather. Most Loopers stop at one of these spots before crossing the Delaware River & Bay to Cape May. The winds had kicked up in the last few days and it was bumpy. The Tiara handles it fine but the tender under tow does not. We were making good time and decided to keep going to Cape May, NJ as the winds and tides were in our favor and we wanted to catch the weather window on the weekend to head to NY. Loopers are cautioned about making the crossing with opposing winds and currents or strong winds. The crossing was great and we docked at Canyon Club Resort Marina in late afternoon.

Sat / Sun, June 16/ 17. Took our coffees and cruised in our tender around Cape May and out to the ocean. We hadn’t been in the ocean since leaving Fort Lauderdale. The ocean was flat calm as predicted and we are hoping tomorrow will be more of the same on our way to New York Harbor. In the afternoon, the boats that had been out fishing all day (and some all night) came back and most were loaded up with fish. One particular boat had 5 tuna’s that weighed between 80 – 100 pounds. Another fisherman had a huge cooler filled with tile fish. Of course these guys have to go about 120 miles offshore to the Canyons but obviously well worth the trip.

I was pleasantly surprised when while talking to our boat neighbor that lives here in Cape May, Bob asked him where the West Marine store was located. It really was within walking distance but this stranger gave Bob the keys to his Lexus (a really nice one) since he wasn’t going to be needing it for a couple of hours. Bob said “but I don’t even know your name” and he responded “Jay”. So off we went in this really nice car to West Marine and the grocery store. Unbelievable how gracious and generous other boaters and Loopers are! And all the people here at the marina have been so nice.

So its been another great week of action packed adventure. Too little time, too many places to see and not enough blog space to share all of it. Stay tuned.