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Joliet to Henry’s Island

Posted on September 18, 2019

Wednesday, September 11 – Joliet. We decided to stay another day & night on the Joliet Free Wall. Bob had a conference call scheduled at 3pm and we didn’t want to be caught going through a lock or in a situation that he could not take the call so we opted to stay. Nice relaxing day with both of us working on the computer. Bob doing work; me the blog. While there are electrical hook ups on the wall, there isn’t anything else (water, amenities, bathrooms) but it’s a free stay. The day was really hot so we enjoyed staying inside our boat in the AC. Later in the morning, the AGLCA Harbor Host for this area, Brenda, came by to see if any…

Chicago to Joliet

Posted on September 11, 2019

Tuesday – Tuesday, September 3rd – September 9th – Chicago. On Tuesday, the weather was nasty with strong winds, lots of rain and severe thunderstorms. Good day to stay inside as the winds were occasionally gusting to 50 mph. We definitely had to re-secure the boat lines and adjust fenders. Perfect time to stay in and work on blog and Bob’s cases. Tuesday evening, after being inside all day, we opted to walk to Michigan Avenue along the river and found a place to eat. Don’t even recall the name but it was a good meal. Chicago is such a great, great town. One of the prettiest skylines of any city, beautiful and clear lake, a rejuvenated river front, the “magnificent mile” for shopping,…

Holland to Chicago

Posted on September 3, 2019

Monday – Friday, August 26-30th – Holland. We wrapped up our 2 weeks in Holland with the usual stuff (tender cruises in the afternoons, reading, relaxing, planning, dining, provisioning) but also went to see Piper & Allie compete in school sports activities. On Monday, we had dinner at Sandy Point Beach House with Brian & Sandra and saw quite a few deer on the way back to marina. Tuesday, we went to see Piper compete in a swim meet. Holland Christian against Ottowa High School. Piper competed in 4 events (100 meter butterfly; 200 meter medley; 200 meter freestyle relay; 50 meter freestyle). She did unbelievably well considering that she only has one arm. While she didn’t win, she never came in last with…

Holland, MI

Posted on August 27, 2019

Monday – Sunday, August 19th- 25th – Holland. That’s right, we have been in Holland for a week with plans to stay another 5 days or so. As I had planned to fly home to surprise my mom for her 92nd birthday and Bob had a big report to write on a case he has been working, we selected Holland for our base camp. Holland is a fairly good size town with plenty of restaurants & stores for entertaining and provisioning. Holland, also known as the Tulip City, was originally populated by the Ottawa Indians and then settled by the Dutch Calvanist separatists in 1847. Dire economic conditions in the Netherlands compelled them to leave home and head for America. Holland sits on the…

Frankfort to Holland

Posted on August 19, 2019

Tuesday, August 13 – Frankfort. Spent a quiet and lazy day working on the blog and reading. We had dinner plans with Mark & Patty from Speedy Delivery. They came over to our boat for a cocktail then we headed to dinner at Dinghy’s which was a 5 minute walk from our slip. Enjoyed a nice dinner and bottle of Meiomi. (photo of Patty dining on giant turkey leg) Frankfort is a quaint little town and was originally named after a man named Frank. Frank’s neighbors chided him about the fort he built around his house to protect his doors from the snow drifts and thus calling it “Frank’s Fort”. Wednesday, August 14 – Ludington. Departed for Ludington early in the morning and while…

Harbor Springs to Frankfurt

Posted on August 13, 2019

Monday / Tuesday, August 5th/6th – Harbor Springs, MI. Wow! What a week. Better settle in as there is lots to tell. The whole week has been busy catching up with so many friends. We ended last week’s blog having just arrived in Harbor Springs. On Monday night, Andy & Kathy Mitchell from Fort Lauderdale invited us to dinner when they heard we were in Harbor Springs. Andy & Kathy have a cottage (house) about 20 minutes away from Harbor Springs in Brutus, MI. Andy wanted to take us to Rodrigo’s, a Mexican restaurant because he said they have the “best” frozen pina colada’s anywhere. Andy explained that the best pain killers were in the British Virgin Islands (agree) and best prickly pear margaritas…

Gore Bay, Ontario to Harbor Springs, MI

Posted on August 5, 2019

Sunday/ Monday, July 28-29th. We bid farewell to Gore Bay on Sunday morning after 3 days at the marina. Our destination was to be The Benjamin and Croker Islands in the North Channel. However, the anchorages that were favorable for the anticipated wind direction and speed were already crowded. We don’t care for crowded anchorages so we decided to head back to Hotham Island as it is a long and protected area with many places to anchor. We passed up many of the popular anchorages and selected one that we had to ourselves. Once settled, we took the tender for a long cruise to explore. We were anchored in a fairly large area where we had seen as many as 4 boats anchored the…